Product Characteristics

TAS Edge Seal:
TAS high quality edge seal laminated by autoclave protects the glass and PC laminate from chemical materials and moisture penetration. The TAS Edge Seal gives the bullet resistant glass extra durability, high stability and a longer shelf life.

TAS UV Protect:
Our transparent armor provides the highest levels of UV control by using UV protected glass layers and interlayers. This product is ideal for extreme temperatures and hot climate regions, helping maintain lower interior temperatures.

TAS Advanced Light Weight:
With the application of special polymers and a stringent lamination process, TAS is able to engineer an Advanced Light Weight bullet resistant glass that is lighter, while maintaining its ballistic performance and protection level. This product is ideal for armored vehicle manufacturers looking to lower the weight of the armor package, help minimize the stress on vehicle components and allow for better stability and cornering of the armored vehicle.

TAS Accessories – Frames, Gunports, Deal Trays, Speak Thru, Package Passer:                           
TAS has the ability to custom design frame and glass assemblies for each specific requirement. Our modular designs allow for customization and easy installation and replacement. We can also design and manufacture gunports of any shape, size and protection level upon request.